l’ll take the steps…

Psalm 138:3On the day I called, You answered me; You made me bold with strength in my soul.

I’ve never been an athlete…especially not a runner. Never quite understood the concept of running when nothing is chasing you.Furthermore, I never understood why in the world people would run (without being chased) AND then subject themselves to jumping over a stuff too!

Hurdles?! NOPE!

Anyway, we’ve all heard people compare life to a race and trials to hurdles. Good analogy. But if that’s the case, how are you treating your hurdles?

During the 2018 Olympics I remember seeing a few hurdlers and (because I’m not a sports person) thinking: “they’re exerting soooo much energy to jump over this obstacle only to land back at the same level they were at before they jumped”.

Message! 💡

Obviously, I missed the whole point of the race itself but that thought had so much meaning!


Life will never be free of hurdles. You’ll inevitably have to face things that are challenging. But are you just getting over them or are you PROGRESSING?! Growing? Learning? Changing? Elevating?

Start treating your hurdles like stairs; each leap should take you a little higher…but never back where you started!

Keep shining,


Song of the day! 🔊


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