“That’s just who I am…”
“I don’t care what others think of me…”
The top two phrases spoken by people who are unwilling to accept their need to change and to excuse their frequent mistreatment of others.


Self-awareness – one of the most necessary skills for every aspect of life; yet the one that is the most underdeveloped and neglected.

God has been speaking a lot to me about self-awareness both for my own edification and because I’m noticing an extreme lack of it in the people I see regularly.

I’ve read countless definitions of self-awareness but the WordWithJess version is: the ability to examine yourself from a perspective outside your own and a willingness to see yourself as wrong if need-be.

Being self-aware is easier said than done because (aside from the sick & twisted) most of us never want to be wrong. But learning and accepting our wrongness is an essential piece to growth. Sometimes, growth that is often key in receiving the blessings we’ve been waiting to receive.

So, in a world consumed with SELFIES…why is SELF-awareness so dang difficult?!

Sorry…I couldn’t resist. Lol

I conjured up 2 reasons:

One is due to out of control egos. Our minds are naturally programmed to build, guard, uphold, and act out the inner-ideas that make up our “self”. Which is only wrong when we’re building, guarding, upholding, and acting out bad ideas.
The second is more complex because it involves other people. Often, we fail to use the people around us the way they should be used. As mirrors.
Just like in Acts 9 when Saul made his shift, God sent Ananias to help him see. God sends us people to show us pieces of ourselves that we wouldn’t see if they weren’t there. There are plenty of ways our friends, family, coworkers, and sometimes even strangers show us ourselves…but I’ll stick to the most obvious: WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING TO YOU ABOUT YOU?

Quick Tip: The things you hear repeatedly from multiple people ARE TRUE! If it’s negative – fix it. Period. (Unless you’re one of those sick & twisted people who are comfortable being wrong.)

Most of us don’t have many people around us that tell us, flat out, when we’re wrong.
Maybe because you don’t gravitate toward honest people or because you don’t make relationships conducive to open and honest sharing. Both are problems but the second one is most common. Too often, especially with people in leadership, those around you are made to feel you can’t be told when you’re wrong. In that envireonment, any relationship becomes useless because instead of telling the truth to you…they just talk about you. (Trust me…lol)

So with all that being said, let’s become more aware of ourselves, how we treat others, and heed what we learn from the people around us!

Be open to hearing your truth instead of defending your wrong doing because, remember…growth only happens when the “ground” is open to receive.

Keep shining,

– Jess

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