Just for you…

To the one I love,

I painted you three pictures today! And just for you, I used the biggest canvas known to man! The first one wore the most vivid blue, purest white, and the brightest yellow. The second was a little more complicated…but you were worth it. I mixed some blues with some purples, pinks, oranges, and yellows and arranged them so they looked like an array of intricately spun cotton candy; because, well, who can resist cotton candy? The last one was doused in the darkest blue and I sprinkled small specks of silver confetti to set it off. I showed off a bit by adding that light golden sphere at the top. I just knew you’d love it! Oh yeah, I also sent you flowers today!


I wrote you a love letter a while ago. Well, I got a little carried away and it turned into a book. Multiple books – sixty-six to be exact. I know, I seem a little obsessive but I love you that much. And I explained my love and the journey I took to connect with you. It was hard and even painful at times but you were worth it all. My love, so many people and things have worked to keep up apart but I’ve been persistent! Nothing will keep me from reaching you! You have been the apple of my eye since the very beginning. I came to life just for you. I went through hell just to hold you!

But I sat silently as you opened your eyes and began your day this morning. My first painting was right in front of you but to my surprise, you didn’t notice. Were my colors not bright enough? I didn’t let that discourage me though. I knew you’d fall in love with the second painting! I gave that one my all! But again, you went about your day without giving it the slightest thought. I guess you were consumed with your day because I overheard you telling a friend about what you wish you had and all the things that weren’t going quite right. So I remained silent in hopes that my third painting would cheer you up. Who wouldn’t smile at its beauty? But again, you didn’t even look. You were too tired…so I just let you rest. Oh, and by the way…I’m sorry the flowers didn’t quite make it to your front door. I figured I’d do something more imaginative, so I lined the streets with them in hopes that you’d be reminded of my love everywhere you went.  But it’s ok. I’ll try again tomorrow. I love you that much.

Also, I saw the love letter I wrote you on your nightstand but I’ve been waiting for you to open it for a while now. I just know you’ll love it when you read it! But I’ll continue to wait until you do.

Lastly my beloved, I’d never force myself on you because my desire is that you want me in return. But my love is relentless and I will prove it to you daily. Whether I’m painting you pictures in sky, lining the streets with flowers, or writing you love letters…I will never stop pursuing you. Not even when I have you. I’m here…forever. And I know things won’t always be easy, but know that even when you don’t have words to express your hurt, know that I hear everything your tears say. I will always be yours, my beloved, because you have always been mine.

With unconditional & eternal love,

– God

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