Down goes Fraizer…

There are some truly evil people out here, man. I’m not talking about your basic evil people…I can respect the Donald Trumps of the world because at least he’s open with his antics. But the worst kind…the kind who hide behind church titles and positions.
Soooo, my friends call me Ariel (the Disney character) because I try to find the good in any and everyone. I feel there’s a silver lining in just about anything…but lately, I’ve had a reality check. I’m seeing Satan for who he is, who he’s always been, who he lives in, and how he uses those with influence to lull people into falling for his shenanigans.

Although I’d LOVE to take the thugged out Peter approach and start pointing folks (and their demons) out; I can’t. God has me in a season of silence and HONEY, when I say this is painful…I mean it! I’m not a quiet person (hence the name, WORDS with jess). I feel like most things can be addressed in love and fixed but I haven’t even been able to do that! Instead, I’ve just had to sit and wait while I’m literally watching people that are dear to me fall victim to the ‘sweet’ melodies of venomous, malicious, hateful spirit(s) wrapped in flesh. Spirits that are infamous for wreaking havoc and later deeming the wreckage “God ordained”.
I’m mad y’all, for so many different reasons but I’m letting God handle it. I have to.
And although it’s taken a while, I’m starting to see the benefits of letting him administer the vengeance. He’s beginning to prove that He’s not only angry at what is happening on a broad scale but He’s also angry at what has been done to directly harm me (even through my continued display of kindness).

I wholeheartedly believe my Daddy gets mad for me. Psalm 105:15 & Romans 12:19 go hand in hand. I don’t have to do a thing except sit there and let Him be great. It’s not easy because I’ve been watching this for quite some time but ultimately, His timing is perfect and I know I will see the meticulous dismantling of every single thing (word or action) done against me AND others.

I know I’m not alone in this so if you are facing any evil spirit (i.e. Jezebel)…be encouraged! God’s got your back! He’ll fix it if you keep your hands and mouth off of it! BE STILL! I know it seems like an easy fix to you and you may feel well within your rights to neck roll and retaliate…img_2062-2
…but we’re most like Christ when we’re humble during attacks. And you can’t win being as evil as the person who’s attacking you.
Continue to pray for them and show love. Because…

Satan loses.

We just have to make it to the end of the fight.
You got this!!!!

Keep shining,


I found this little blurb and figured I’d share. 🙂 12 Indicators of a Jezebel Spirit at Work

  1. People influenced by a spirit of Jezebel have fear issues of rejection. They control others so that they will not be hurt. Generally, there is a history of trauma or abuse.
  2. They target the headship. They offer free help to be their top assistant because they want their protection.  It hides from the leader’s view but manifests in front of others.
  3. They make commitments and promises quickly and use recommendations from others to impress others.
  4. They seem super-spiritual in an exaggerated way to gain acceptance and attention. They have their own agenda. They are looking for disciples of their own. They whine until they get their way.
  5. They isolate and pit people against each other privately and individually behind closed doors.
  6. They play the victim. They are never wrong.  They blame everyone else.  They play on compassion to block discernment.
  7. They use false humility and feel entitled or owed something.
  8. They are not accountable to anyone and often accuse others of being a Jezebel.
  9. They look for others who are hurt and wounded to mentor them.
  10. They accuse people falsely.
  11. They operate with insecurity.
  12. They initiate witchcraft prayers based on selfish motivation.

Oh, and for those who enjoy Jezzy… read Revelations 2:20-23.

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