Your Post, Their tongue…

Proverbs 18:31. “Life and death are in the power of the tongue”.
We all know it but how does that apply to YOUR POSTS? Aha
Go with me….

Social networks can be a great tool for a lot of different things. But we forget that when we post…THEY talk. Who are “they”, you ask. “They” are people. And based on the scripture above all of us have some form of power on our tongues.

Most of us have more than 100 friends on any one of our social networks. But of those 100 people, how many of them do you honestly KNOW? Probably less than half.

So, WHO are you telling your business to?

Most believers will say something like “I just post things about my life to glorify God”. But is that entirely true? Or is there some attention seeking behind it? Call me “too deep” if you wan, but some of these testimony-posting saints are dopamine addicts and our likes only encourage it. But…I digress. shrug
So again, WHO are you telling your business to and why do so many of them “deserve” the opportunity to know (AND speak over) anything that happens to you in your life whether it be good or bad?

Word curses are real y’all!

(Word Curses – a solemn utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something.)

News Flash! Everyone on your friends list is not a friend. Everyone tapping that “like” button doesn’t LIKE YOU, nor does it guarantee that they are speaking positively about you or your situation.
Whether you’re posting about an accomplishment or venting about a setback; there is ALWAYS someone in any crowd whose intentions aren’t pure. And THEIR WORDS HAVE POWER TOO!

Depending on what spirit they’re operating under (knowingly or unknowingly), they can unleash a can of worms that you wouldn’t expect, plan for, or even know to pray against.

Bottom line, both the Holy Spirt and demonic spirits will move based on words that are spoken. Stop assuming that oversharing is harmless.
Now, don’t get me wrong…I’m against posting testimonies. Because Revelation 12:11 says we triumph by the word of our testimony. My only suggestion is we use DISCERNMENT when sharing it when random people.

Also, keep in mind that there are countless times in the Bible where God gave specific instructions not to speak…whether the “testimony” was good or bad. Other times He gave parameters of WHO should be told and WHEN.

Everything is not for everyone.

The enemy is slick y’all, and we are NOT to be ignorant to his devices. Let’s stop letting our carelessness load his gun.

Be mindful.
Be vigilant.

Keep Shining,

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