Started From The Bottom Now We Here…

As believers, I’m noticing we focus more on ‘getting to’ better than what we should be/do when we ‘get there’.

As of late, I’ve noticed a significant shift within myself. I can’t yet tell whether it’s just a shift in my perception or an actual shift in situations that were causing me all types of stress before. All I know is there has been a shift. My joy is back – real joy, not just happiness. My peace is back. My zeal is back. My spunk is back. And so much more.
Goodness I missed me. Lol

I spent A LOT of time in prayer before I reached this “promised land”, but now what?

We don’t talk enough about how to conduct ourselves ‘in the promised land’ until the following things start to show up:
Superiority complex,
Fault finding,
and worst of all, the lack of need for God.

Once my shift started happening, I noticed my (spiritual) appetite began to change. I didn’t have as much of a hunger to read the word and my time in prayer went from hours to minutes and it vexed me.

It hurt me to know that I had treated my Daddy like a genie. I did just enough to get to my breakthrough and just like the Israelites, I began to abandon Him. NO BUENO!

So, I prayed. I was honest with God about my “human” side and He gave me this word.
“Rest but be watchful. Troubles don’t last forever but I never said there won’t be more. This is a filling station. Use this time wisely.”
That gripped me y’all! The decline took a turn and now ya girl is back on fiyah! 😂

We’re all believing God for something but can I propose that part of the reason haven’t yet received it is because you haven’t prepared yourself to remain as rooted in Christ as you are now. If you’re honest with yourself, some of the things you’re asking for have the potential to hijack your relationship with the One who’ll provided it. But He loves you too much to let any blessing destroy the relationship you’ve built. So start speaking to God NOW about who you should be when you get what you’re asking for! Prepare your heart, mind, and will for your promise.

Get rooted and stay there.

Keep shining,


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