Send me your location…

We all have purpose, right? Right! We all expect to fulfill that purpose, right? Right! Only problem is…we all have to move to New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, or LA for that to happen…right? Wrong.

Yes, sometimes purpose will require a new location. However, too many people abandon purpose by uprooting themselves from a place God has them planted.

Go with me:
I knew this girl once. She grew up in a small city dreaming of being able to affect the youth of her community. She wanted to become a counselor, a youth center project manager, or even a teacher because although she was young herself she felt the decline of the youth around her. But high school came along and purpose took a back seat to a dream – life in a big city! Surely she could fulfill purpose there AND on a larger scale, right? WINNING! As soon as she had the chance, she moved to that big city. A fresh 19, the entire world ahead of her! Issa win, right? Let’s just say…after 3 years, she left Chicago with the baggage of physical & emotional abuse, abandonment, rape, a stalker, a hefty load of student loan debt, and some other things she’s still not even comfortable mentioning to herself. 😖

It wasn’t all bad though. She did acquire a couple of life-long friends, a degree, and lots of life lessons. But most importantly, she gained a clear understanding of her purpose and WHERE she was needed. So, she moved back to her hometown and immediately became not only active but effective in her purpose.

Since she’s moved back, she’s mentored countless youth – assisted them through tutoring, getting them into college, obtaining jobs and apartments, helped heal family issues, and helped to prevent a hand full of suicides. Things aren’t perfect where she is. Most consider the place she’s in a dead end city.  But she feels FULFILLED. A feeling not many have the pleasure of feeling…no matter what city they live in.

Some may ask, “well, did she at least try to fulfill her purpose while she was in Chicago?” And the answer is:< b> Yes…I did. All four years. But I wasn’t nearly as effective there as I have been here. 😉 And I’ve learned there is an unexplainable peace that comes with doing what God created you to do where He wants you to do it.

With that being said…

Free will is one of the beauties of this walk with Christ. He’s a gentleman so he won’t force you to be anywhere or do anything. But every seed has it’s own perfect place to grow.

Also, the most secure & peaceful “location” to be is in His will. Get there. 📍

Keep shining,


The song on my heart today:

“I am your servant. I give you my life. Let it be pleasing in your eyes.”

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